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Ingredients: 100% Wildcrafted Irish Seamoss, Alkaline Limes, Alkaline Spring Water, Organic Turmeric, and Organic Honey. NO ADDITIVES

Directions: Apply to your face and neck for 20-25 minutes, or until dry. Rinse with cold water, avoid drying your face with a towel. Best to air dry, to allow your skin to absorb all the minerals. Apply a moisturizer if desired. Watch your skin glow. We recommend you use mask for 3-5 consecutive days for best results. May be left overnight if desired.    

Each 4.7 oz Jar is made FRESH MADE TO ORDER. Please allow 24-36 hours for your orders. We are currently shipping out of state orders Mondays & Tuesdays, to guarantee freshness.

Seamoss is rich in Sulfur, which helps to produce a natural beauty glow. This algae is effective in re-hydrating dry skin and can be used for different skin conditions. Helps in fading hormonal acne scars, reduce dark spots, and hyper-pigmentation. The Bladderwrack and Burdock Root is a great source of Potassium, Calcium, Iron, and Zinc. It also contains Vitamins A, B, C, and E which completes 102 plus minerals, and helps tighten your skin. It helps flush out unwanted toxins from the skin and gives you the glow you desire. It's amazing minerals do wonders for your Hair, Skin, and Nails.


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