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Sexual Wellness: How Sea Moss Boosts Libido and Fertility


Let's face it, sometimes our libido needs a little kick in the pants, and that's where sea moss comes in. It's like giving your libido a shot of espresso, minus the jitters and caffeine crash. With its high levels of zinc, magnesium, and vitamin E, sea moss helps to increase testosterone levels in men and estrogen levels in women, turning up the heat in the bedroom faster than you can say "Netflix and chill." Read More...



Sipping Sustainability: Our Eco-Friendly Practices

At Fuel Thy Cells, we recognize the urgent need for businesses to embrace sustainability practices. Our commitment to environmental stewardship is ingrained in our core values, driving every decision we make. From sourcing ingredients to packaging our products, we prioritize eco-friendly solutions that minimize harm to the planet. So what are we doing to make a difference?....Read more


Unlocking the Wonders of Sea Moss: A Nutritional Powerhouse

"After recovering from a 2019 brain stem stroke that left me with left-sided paralysis, I embarked on a mission to focus on brain and memory health. This pivotal moment redirected my life's trajectory—I returned to college to pursue studies in Nutrition and Dietetics...: Read more

What's GUT got to do with it?

I had a lingering cold with a cough that didn't play games.

After remembering my diet the week before getting sick, I neglected feeding myself healthy natural sources of antioxidants. After seeking sympathy from my adult daughter, she brought over a couple of ice cold Sea Moss Medicine Ball juices from fuel thy cells!" ... Read more