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Ingredients: 16 oz Elderberry, Organic Honey, Cinnamon, Ginger, and Clove. NO ADDITIVES

Directions:  Refrigerate and Shake Well before use. Adults take 1 tbsp daily, may be taken 3x daily when fighting a cold or flu. Dosage for children 1tsp. Lasts approximately 30-60 days in the refrigerator.

PLEASE NOTE: We are currently shipping orders on Tuesdays. Order must be placed by Saturday to ensure it ships the following week. THIS IS A PARISHABLE PRODUCT. We don't add any additives or preservatives- it's an all natural product. Please make sure you receive standard USPS (Post Office) at the shipping address with no issues, as we have no control of the order once it ships. Please allow 1-2 weeks for your order to process, including delivery. It's usually a quick turn around, but as a Small Business things can come up! We truly appreciate you and we cannot wait for you to try the Best Kept Secret! Please be sure to Tag Us on Social Media ! #fuelthycells

Elderberry is packed with antioxidants and vitamins that may boost your immune system. It can help tame inflammation, protect your heart and aids in fighting cold and flu symptoms. It's a good idea to keep in the refrigerator throughout the school year if you have little ones at home.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Will be buying again

Definitely have been avoiding whatever is going around by taking this.

Dee Trier
Taste yummy

I used this syrup for a recent cold and flu episode and it seemed to help. Taste good too.

Jc Williams
Elderberry syrup

Absolutely the best. I'm a life long customer of this product.

Jackie Negron-Osorto
Great Syrup for Health

As Always Erica's Elderberry is the best in taste, and also Price.
I take it for my immune system and thankfully its kept me Healthy.

Cold for a week.

I had a cold for a week and I was towards the end of my cold where I was "healthy" enough to start working and doing normal activities. Yet my cough was not going anywhere!!! My lung's would wheeze and I would have cough fits just about every hour. I was still super congested and doing simple things like walking from one side of the room to another made me tired because I was having difficulty breathing. Well I came to Fuelthycells and told the gentleman my issue he said to take a big shot of Eldberry syrup once I get home and once at night. As soon as I took my first shot within minutes I noticed my congestion had gone away. About an hour later I was breathing normal and hadn't coughed. It was 4 hours later when I coughed again and that was due to me eating my dinner. I felt great and it tastes great as well! I took my shot before bed and I began spitting up phlegm for like a good 10 minutes after that I fell asleep and slept through the night which is something I wasn't able to do all week. I highly recommend this to friends and family! I will definitely have this on my shelf.