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Why Seamoss?

It all started when my husband and I took a trip to Mexico City about a year ago. The last few days of our trip was hell to say the least. I felt ill, my breathing was heavy and short, my feet were swollen, and I felt very dizzy with little to no energy. When we got back home, I still didn’t feel well and I was taken to the hospital and admitted. After waiting for numerous hours, I was told I had very  high blood pressure. I was given meds and was told there was a good chance I would have to take them for the rest of my life. Also having a severe case of Endometriosis, my husband insisted there was a natural way to heal. As I started to change my diet, eat less sodium, exercise, he started to do research for a natural alternative.Through his searches he came across various web content aboutvegan lifestyle, alkaline living, etc and stumbled across Dr. Sebi and his natural beliefs. This is when we were introduced to the‘Ocean’s Best Kept Secret’Wildcrafted Irish Seamoss. This was the day my life changed! My body, mind, and soul needed help! So we did extensive research to find the best Seamoss that we could get our hands on. Once we finally got the Seamoss, I started to eat it by the spoonful. After a few weeks, I winged off my meds and started to notice a real change in how I felt. I was hooked from that day on! I was  truly healing myself and wanted to share all the great benefits I was experiencing with friends and family. As others started to feel the benefits, the word got around and Fuelthycells Seamoss was born!

Some of my favorite ways of consuming Seamoss gel is in a fruit bowl, a smoothie, and also my tea (which Seamoss gel dissolves in hot water). We would love to see and hear how you consume your Fuelthycells Seamoss.      

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